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The International research exchange programme at Disulfican and University of Wolverhampton is a research exchange initiative set up in 2017 in by Prof. Weiguang Wang and Dr. Vinodh Kannappan with the support from Dean of Research and Director of the Institute in Healthcare Science (RIHS) at the University. The programme recruits final year Master’s and UG students from top ranking universities across the World through an provide them training in our research lab for period of 6 months. The students works alongside PhD students and researchers on various projects related to the translation pipeline of Disulfiram and other molecular biology areas.


Disulfican's research and academic team actively engage in inspiring and communicating science to the future generation of scientific minds. Our team participate in the Nuffield placement scheme and host 4 A-level students every year and give them an opportunity to observe drug development and molecular biology research in an advanced research environment.


Disulfican's research team believes in transparent research communication providing opportunities for everyone to understand the needs and impact of our science and research. We constantly engage with students, teachers, community groups, charities and families to inspire next generation of researchers and  to better understand their hopes, concerns and aspirations for our research.

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